When I started collecting photographs in 2006, I was just a collector not a photo person. I just wanted to stand beside art in my small territory.

When I started a photo gallery in 2008, I had no idea how to deal with selling photos. I tried to learn from professionals, but most of them in Japan had no enough information that I needed. There were legendary photo galleries here in Japan, but it was not the way I really like to follow, they all looked like small pieces of pies for me. So I learnt how to proceed by a French artist.

When I visited Arles for the first time, I felt everything was so over scaled than I expected and I got some sense of fear. I felt myself still in grass covered ground. So I started exploring photography. I visited some oversea photo festivals and tried to look into what was happening in world’s photography. I interviewed festival directors and they all knew the answer that I needed for long. The keywords was “education”.  So I started thinking of founding photo festival to let people think more about baking large pies and eat large portion of pies.

When I started photo festival in 2013, there were so many friends and photo professionals around me to help and support. All of that happened because I asked them for their support. I also asked support from my friend photographers in Japan and oversea’s. They were all supportive and finally I could hold this small festival in local Japan. I now know the reason why they support me and the festival. They knew that I will change the perspectives of Japanese photo community belongings. They knew that Japanese photographers’ will need the way out for their activities and that they need education to reach to real photo communities.

I really thank you all who has been supporting our festival.

Now I would like to announce our 2016 edition of the festival is taken place in Kobe Motomachi area and in Mt.Rokko. I hope people join and enjoy.