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Workshop 1  ポートレイト写真の現在
日 時:2018年9月2日(日)10:00-14:00
会 場:C.A.P 神戸市中央区山本通3-19-8 海外移住と文化の交流センター内 3階
講 師:Steven Lee (Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award)
定 員:12名
参加費:一般¥16,000 (当日会場でお支払いください)

Steven Lee (Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 創設ディレクター)
これまでに出版した4冊の写真集(Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur/ MALAYSIANS / MUSEO / LUMINA)で評価を得ています。
2017年よりPhoto Symposium Asiaを主宰。

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WORKSHOP 1 The Photographic Portrait with Steven Lee

This workshop will introduce you to the significance of formalistic portrait photography, it’s historical context and present day interpretations.
It enable to you to appreciate the knowledge and skill needed to set up a formal portrait session in a 1 hour practical outdoor shoot.

2 September 2018 10am-2pm , JPY 16,000-
Venue: C.A.P KOBE STUDIO Y3 / 3-19-8 Yamamoto-dori Chuo-ku Kobe

We will become familiarised briefly with the historical aspect of the portrait in paintings and from the invention of photography to present day.
We will consider and discuss the modern practice of portraiture and contemporary styles, and look at the importance and significance of the genre in modern society. We will also look at how to appreciate and analyse portrait photographs throughout modern history.
We will review portrait photographs brought by the participants and perform a deconstruction and critique of each other’s works.

Practice : 
The workshops practical session follows with staged portrait shoots of participants in the studio or gallery space and outdoors. You will be able to make small prints of your portraits.

Please bring up to 5 portrait prints taken by yourself, or from magazines/online that you wish to present or review. Please bring your camera.



Steven Leeis the founder director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards.
He began his photographic career as a documentary, travel and fashion photographer in the late 90’s when began writing travel related articles for magazines and journals.
In 2000, he published his first coffee-table book titled Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur, which received the Asian Prize at PhotoCity Sagamihara Festival of the Image, Japan in 2007.
In 2007 he published his second coffee-table book MALAYSIANS, with 500 faces of diverse Malaysians.  In 2008, he released MUSEO, comprising a collection of black & white abstract studies of antiquities, statuary, and architecture photographed in Europe from 2001 – 2005 is now available as a print-on-demand publication. Steven released LUMINA in 2011 his fourth book.
In 2009, Steven initiated the KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL PHOTOAWARDS, an annual international portrait photography competition centered in Malaysia, focussing on the best in contemporary portrait photography and has attracted the participation of some top international photographers. Steven continues to run photography educational workshops through EXPOSURE+ Photo Mentoring platform in Kuala Lumpur with other Malaysian photographers, and has been a portfolio reviewer and judge at international photo festivals and contests.

Steven ran classes on Documentary and Lifestyle / Street photography at City Academy, London from 2014-2016 and his latest initiative was organising the first PhotoSymposium Asia in 2017 and 2018.


Register for the workshop, mail to ayaka_rpf@icloud.com